The Hidden Claws

Telin and Selah are secretly Finders in the Service of Lady Night. When the mysterious assassins like Selha had foiled before show up again, something is up, leading to the discovery of an enemy that has existed for a long time, but has kept herself hidden. Follow their adventures as they seek to stop the Mayisna and her mysterious Hidden Claws.

Shadows and Claws

When Selah discovers an assassin in Sharlan, things become difficult, especially as those assassins might be after the mysterious Kelu who Uhbara has been waiting two decades for. But when her interrruption of an assassination attempt forces her to hide in the disguise of a broken leg, things get even more complicated. Can Telin escape those kril'dga who are after him? Can Selah find a way to rescue her protector when it becomes necessary?

Dagger of Deception

Selah discovers a kril'dga agent in Caslen Nerin, Belor's lands, clearly waiting for a chance to attack Telin when he goes to personally oversee the holding. But she isn't expecting another assassin to show up in Sharlan, one that seems intent not only upon her husband, but also upon his niece Uhbara and her love, Kelu. Can Selah find a way to defeat this mysterious assassin?

Chrysalis of Shadows

Seven years have passed since Selah and Telin defeated their last kril'dga assassin, seven years of relative quiet. But when Belor starts having dreams that he's being talked to by some unknown and frightening woman, things take a turn for the worse. It is further complicated by the fact that Belor ends up rescuing a girl about his own age from a very bad stiuation, a situation that could make things very tricky for the underaged Lord of Caslen Nerin. then Selah and Telin find themselves the target of another kril'dga attack, though not unexpectedly. It leads them to leave their home, goin ginto the mountains, seeking the rumors of Methil'dga itself.

Revealing the Shadows

Selah and Telin are on the road, trying to stay ahead of the kril'dga who are hunting them. But their goddess and the faedh both want them to encounter one of the kril'dga, to bring about a prophecy that existed before, that Selah would face a poisoned blade, and either bear a child mentioned in the kril'dga prophecy, or die. Can Telin keep her alive? And what will happen if they reach the fabled Methil'dga, the Hidden Fortress of the kril'dga? Can they convince the Mayisna to end her hidden war?