Dah'ral Quatrain

The Kril'dga believe that the birth of a pair of kee-ali-dahlri twins will bring about the end of the world. Those twins have been born.

Thieves' Song

Virea was hosting a pair of visiting cousins when her friend Leltorin arrived, with tales of an attempt to frame him of theft. When Nerin's attempt to catch the thief responsible turns up a fair haired man with kee-ali-dahlri blood, he's curious more than angry. That young man turns out to be Virea's long lost twin brother, who she didn't know about. What started as an attempt to find justice for Leltorin ends in a race against time to stop a mad priest of Ollahm.

Corruption and Purity

Things did not merely get better for Maskar once he and his sister, his partner, and his new friend Leltorin ended up in Sharlan. There were many things that challenged him, and some of those hinged on things he didn't want to admit to about his past. Slowly, however, the truth had to be told, because of the interference of two other notable newcomers, the auburn-haired beauty Aryzma, and the quiet elvare Xereff. Where would these revelations lead him? And what was so special about himself and his twin sister?

Battle of Souls

Leltorin's curse worried everyone, and it really didn't help having the demon-witch Aryzma in the gaol. Things were changing fast for the twins, only becoming more complicated when a scholar of the People arrives, saying that he has something important that belongs to Virea. How do they overcome the problems with Lelorin's curse? And what is it that separates out the twins, making them something beyond mere kee-ali-dahlri half-breeds?

Song of Change

A journey looms in the future for Maskar, Evanira, Leltorin, and Virea, a journey to Toyurasi, to retrieve the information sent on how to create a changed child like Lillith, so that no more will be born enslaved like that. Maskar is haunted by his fears, his memories of his own enslavement, and they drive him to disconnect from Evanira. Will he come to understand his own role in the changing world? Will they survive the journey into a hostile territory? And what is the fate of the twins themselves, the last hope, in some ways, of the kee-ali-dahlri people?