Kings of Summer and Winter

Derin and Nerin are the sons of Rhiann Calasti, and brothers to the mysterious demi-divine Nefta. When Derin, who had never had much experience with women, finds himself the recipient of a spell to attract his interest things begin to change, and he and Nerin find themselves drawn into danger.

Two Pure Souls

Derin has never been good with women, not like his younger brother Nerin. But he is intrigued by the young woman, Illian, who seems both almost desperate for his attention and afraid of it. He discovers, mostly on accident, that her background includes serious dangers, but she's unwilling to speak much at first. What secrets does she have? Why is she after Derin?

Soul of Loyalty

Vaehes granted reprieve to Derin and Nerin, on the condition that they each plant special seeds in locations where those seeds could cleanse the dark energies that corrupted the earth. Nerin leaves first, travelling west to Alfaren. He takes with him the Toyurasan swordsman Li Tsen. But Li Tsen holds a secret, one that gnaws at Nerin during the journey, wanting to discover what is being hidden from him. Will his loyalty be enough to surpass the challenges that are ahead of him? Will his curiosity overcome his wisdom as he chases the truths that Li Tsen hides? What awaits the two in the caverns where the Justice Bringer fought his liege, the unlamented King Rehik Stormsinger?

Soul of Courage

The time had come for Derin to take his journey into the northern Dalcyn Mountains. At his side was Illian, who had not given up on her intentions to stay at the young Calasti's side. They travel together, through rough mountains, deal with Steppelanders and brigands, and finally come face to face with something that truly frightens Derin, a possible shade of Daevor Godson. Will the two of them be able to overcome the trials that are placed before them? And will Derin be able to hold to his resolve to not let their relationship move forward until he is back in Sharlan?