Heirs of the Divine

Lisor and Reyel, Kiera and Arandel are the children of Lord Tainen Calasti and Lady Alezra of the Risen One. In their veins flow the blood of two gods, the Risen One and Vythen. When an ancient evil awakens in the unknown lands deep within the borders of the jungles of the Dark Lands, these youths must overcome fear and pride to become the true heirs to the gods of Jiredh.

Heirs of the Phoenix

When dark magic lays low the family patriarch, Lord Rhiann Calasti, Lisor and Reyel join forces with an Alfaran explorer and an outcast from the Dark Lands tribes to try to find the source of the kal'toh curses that are spreading across the land. Follow their adventures in Heirs of the Phoenix.

Heirs of the Serpent

After Lisor and Reyel left on their journey to the Dark Lands, the time of rains comes to the city of Akhshar, bringing with it new responsibilities for Lord Tainen's other children. Will the deceptive and destructive power of the Jester be contained by the actions of the Heirs of the Serpent?