Short Fiction

Here are a few short stories dealing with Kalissa Nocturne and her partner Isala Ritam during the periods between the two halves of By Railah's Justice. Also present is a story regarding how Isala earned her sword.

The following short stories are regarding Lisor Calasti, one of the major characters in many of the later books. The first is the experience of how he was called to the service of Lady Night. The second is about the first time he encountered a situation where he had to deal death.

The following story regards the most unusual of the Sikal, Pharel who serves Jirel.

The following short stories regard Maran and Denora, characters from books I'll be releasing at a later time. Maran is the son of Arandel Calasti, and Denora is the Steppelander that he took for his wife.

The following is a story that takes place 2 years after the events of Soulsinger, and explains how Daneea ended up among the Calastis, and an unusual deal between Lisor and Vythen.

The Following is a story about how Telin and Selah got together, making an interesting team, and also explains Telin's 'fall' and recovery.

This is the story, from Selah's perspective, of how she met Telin, and the night they'd shared together.

The Following story is about the Challenge that Maran and Kelu had to set for Belor and Caldor in order to prove a point about Caldor's lack of planning, and how dangerous it was.

After Zenir's identity was discovered, and he, Rinah, and his mother, Iltres, returned to Sharlan, there was a period of adjustment. This led to the surprise, a few moons later, when Singer Rhiann of Ollahm opened his door one evening to find the Jirellian priestess there.